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Types of Yoga Classes

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Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga is best for intermediate and advanced students, although active beginners and anyone with a sense of adventure looking for a challenging practice are welcome!

Restorative Yin Yoga

This class focuses on slowing down the mind and breath, while releasing stored tension from deep within the connective tissues. It focuses on regenerative yoga poses that are profoundly healing and detoxifying.

Vinyasa 101 Yoga

Vinyasa 101 Yoga is great for students looking to transition from the basics of Hatha Yoga to a more dynamic flow. It’s a very subtle, beautiful, introspective class and is perfect preparation for students wishing to eventually practice Jivamukti Yoga.

Antenatal Yoga

These classes are especially for pregnant parents-to-be and assist with preparing the body and mind for pregnancy, birthing and beyond!

Hatha Yoga

Don’t know the difference between vrksasana (tree) and sirshasana (headstand)? This class is the number one go-to for beginners! That said, it’s also wonderful for the experienced yogi who wants to refine their skills and revitalise their current practice. Hatha Yoga is open to all students looking for a well-balanced body, mind and life.

Yoga Workshops, Mini-Retreats and Special Events

We regularly run special events like soundbaths, workshops and mini-retreats that speak to dedicated Yoga students looking to deepen their practice. Go to our Events page to check out our next offerings.

What makes Go Yoga different?

Go Yoga classes don’t focus on individual postures (asanas) – there are plenty of yoga studios and classes that already do that. A Go Yoga practice is not that passive. Instead, classes are steeped in the Jivamukti Yoga tradition of sequencing asana integrated with pranayama (breath control). Through a combination of asana that enhance the body, as well as reflection on ancient Yoga teachings that refine emotions and challenge the intellect, the true soul can be revealed. Students can apply the classes to whatever their experience and whatever traditions they have in their own life. In doing so, they begin to have their own insights on how their life is affected by what they do right now.


Jackie teaches what comes from her studies and from her own observations and experiences in life. She acknowledges her words and her sequences in class are just a guide for her students to explore their own body, the workings of their mind and ultimately their spirit. All classes use music, ranging from dynamic, energetic and uplifting to soothing and introspective. All classes also carry a theme of contemplation, in Jivamukti Yoga this is known as “The Focus of the Month“. In any class you attend, many variations of the asana are given, so you have an opportunity to either challenge yourself or to modify and do what you know in your heart is what you need in that moment. A typical Go Yoga class consists of sitting, standing, back-bending, forward bending and inverted postures with breath awareness, meditation, hands-on alignment and relaxation. However as detailed below, the pace and levels vary.


New to Yoga?

Studio Introductory offer: 14 days of unlimited yoga in the Go Yoga studio for $52. Our ‘Go Yoga Members’ receive access to all the Yoga classes available in the Go Yoga studio.