Antenatal Yoga

Antenatal (pregnancy) Yoga

These classes are especially for pregnant yogis. Antenatal Yoga helps prepare the body and mind for pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to aiding post-natal recovery and care. The specifics of practice vary from week to week for each person, as their body and energy levels change throughout pregnancy. In general, however, antenatal Yoga provides muscle conditioning, posture and pelvic awareness, optimal foetal positioning techniques, pranayama and relaxation.
Yogis in Antenatal Yoga classes form a special bond and are free to relate their experiences without judgement in a divine circle of support and compassion. Jackie also encourages everyone to be open about their specific needs regularly as their pregnancy progresses; so the antenatal Yoga practice can be adapted to suit everyone. These classes assist in keeping the pregnant body and mind strong, empowered and confident through the combination of Yoga and childbirth education.

Above all, antenatal Yoga with Go Yoga teaches that every person’s experience of pregnancy is unique and every birth, no matter how baby decided to enter this world, is a sacred and blessed experience.

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